30 Day Challenge. Start this 30 days before spring break, so maybe 2 weeks into

Well this is it… The Bodyrock 30 day fat misfortune challenge has arrived!! In the event that you haven’t made any new years resolutions yet, this ought to be it.

This activity program is ensured to take your standard exercise routine to the following level !

The initial step you have to take is to play out the Fit Test and see where your wellness level is at from the very first moment.

You will finish 7 practices for 50 seconds on with a 10 second rest in the middle of each activity. Ensure you record your scores in your diaries/slim down books and post them on the site to share. At that point once the 30 day trial is finished – you will have the capacity to think back and be glad for how far you have come in such a brief timeframe with a recognizable contrast in your quality and wellness.

We will push hard with extraordinary aggregate body exercises that will abandon you feeling muscles you never knew you even had! In 30 days you will feel less fatty more grounded, fit solid, and totally stimulated and prepared to go up against the world. Begin today and be tested, get fit and achieve your actual potential-without costly rec center enrollment, this 30 day program is ensured to take your customary exercise routine to the following level !

Watch the video underneath to begin

Fit Test:

Set your interim clock to 50/10 and finish the same number of as the accompanying activities in the time as you can. We will utilize our interim clocks in each and every exercise of this 30 day test and it is essentially the main must have thing for BodyRocking. Our clocks let us know when to switch practices and the “beeps” keep all of us pushing harder then a standard clock ever could. Ask any prepared BodyRocker and they will disclose to you that working out with our clocks takes it to an entire distinctive level.

Squat Jump

Push Ups


High Knees

Switch Lunges

Tuck Jumps

Straight Abs



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