Clean, Sanitize and Remove Smells from Your Washing Machine and 5 Other Bathroom Cleaning Tips


We will uncover some reasonable, to a great degree valuable and intriguing cleaning tips which will enable you to keep at the most elevated amount the cleanliness in the restroom .

In spite of the way that no one prefers cleaning the washroom, yet it must be done at any rate once week after week. However, we will persuade you that it doesn’t need to be an exhausting or hard thing to do!Here are a few valuable tips to enable you to clean it rapidly and effortlessly :

Clothes washer

Fill the machine with high temp water, than include a some apple juice vinegar, and begin a short cycle. Turn it off, following a couple of minutes, and abandon it for around 60 minutes. Than turn on the longest cycle. You’re clothes washer will sparkle like new and will expel all scents!


Utilize grapefruit and ocean salt to clean the bath effortlessly. Cut the natural product down the middle and plunge the level end in the salt, and afterward rub the tub. Than simply wash it with water. In a similar way clean the kitchen cutting board.


Utilize a blend of heating pop, lemon juice and apple juice vinegar to clean the latrine and expel every single terrible smell.


You ought to pour a measure of apple juice vinegar in a reasonable plastic pack, to sanitize the shower head and make it sparkly and clean and with an elastic band, secure it into the shower head. It be totally submerged in the apple juice vinegar. For a hour abandon it to act , and afterward wash it off with water.


Blend potassium bitartrate with some lemon juice , than on an old toothbrush apply the blend , and clean the sink from rust. Next, simply wash with water.

Floor and tiles

This can be a simple assignment starting now and into the foreseeable future! Simply blend 1/2 container preparing pop, 1/4 glass hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of your dish washing cleanser and clean the floor and tiles in your washroom.

It couldn’t be simpler, right?

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