Here Is Why You Should Wrap Your Feet In Cabbage Leaves!

Cabbage originates from the group of cruciferous vegetables and they are stacked with various medical advantages. They are wellspring of vitamin B6, K and C and they are stacked with manganese, potassium, vitamin B1, copper, folate and dietary fiber. Cabbage is additionally rich in calcium, phosphorus, protein, niacin, pantothenic corrosive, magnesium, choline, iron, calcium and vitamin B2.

Cabbage is utilized as a part of option solution, particularly its leaves for treating numerous wellbeing infirmities like ulcers, swelling, sprains and strains. The cabbage leaves have been utilized to soothe torment in the joints that is brought on by game wounds or joint pain.

Indeed, even it hasn’t been experimentally demonstrated the leaves of cabbage are utilized as common and shabby cure in the treatment of irritation and joint torment.

Here is the means by which individuals utilize the leaves of cabbage to sooth the agony.

Cabbage leaves for gout*

The individuals who experience the ill effects of gout and have attempted this cure, express that it alleviates and even dispose of the torment. You just need to take few leaves of cabbage and place them in one plastic pack and place them in the cooler.

When you begin to feel torment, simply take the solidified leaves of cabbage and place them around the range where you feel the agony. At that point, wrap it with a towel permitting the warm skin to unfreeze the clears out.

The chemicals that are in the cabbage leaves enter the skin and they break down the stores of uric precious stones. Indeed, even this does not occur at any rate it will ease and quiet the irritation.

Cool green or white cabbage leaves in your cooler (chilled yet at the same time malleable) and wrap them around the feet that is swollen. Sit with the feet raised for 60 minutes. It will draw out the abundance liquid in the feet as cabbage has awesome water assimilation.


It’s uncommon to have a hypersensitivity to cabbage, however in the event that that happens, on the off chance that you feel tingling or swelling you ought to expel the cabbage leaves instantly. Counsel a specialist in the event that it proceeds or it compounds.

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