As per an old Japanese legend, a father gave his child a to a great degree significant information that he has learnt from his own dad.

He uncovered the mystery about a direct which can lead toward life span, as it can keep a hundred ailments. The child took after his dad’s recommendation and consistently kneaded this point on his body.

As his dad asserted, this practice has assisted the child live sufficiently long with seeing the birth and passing of numerous heads.

Our body contains 365 focuses and 12 noteworthy meridians, the same in number with the days and months in a year. Pressure point massage depends on the arrangement of these meridians and channels, and their connection to various body organs. Pressure point massage incorporates the method of squeezing certain purposes of the body with the fingers.

Chinese drug sees the body as a vitality framework, and the back rub of these body focuses will impact the stream of vitality in the body, and it will lift and upgrade the capacity of the body organs.

Today, we will uncover a standout amongst the most imperative body focuses, called “the purpose of life span” in China, and “the purpose of hundred maladies” by the Japanese.

The back rub of this point, Zu San Li, will decelerate the maturing procedure, and it will keep various maladies and secure your wellbeing.

Its area is underneath the kneecap, and it can without much of a stretch be found. Put your hands on the knees, left hand on left knee, and right hand on right knee, and you will discover this point between the closures of your ring finger and the pinky, between the bones.

Another approach to find the Zu San Li indicate is unequivocally press your feet on the ground before you, while sitting on the floor. Your heels ought to stay down. Underneath your knee, there is a place which is marginally higher, and when you squeeze its most elevated point, you have discovered this astounding point.


This point is additionally called “the purpose of hundred ailments’, as it truly has the ability to help your body battle innumerate issues and wellbeing conditions.

To be specific, it is in charge of the control of the elements of all organs in the lower some portion of the body. The Zu San Li additionally controls the spinal string, which is accountable for the great capacity of the regenerative framework, kidneys, organs, gastrointestinal and stomach related tract.

Adrenal organs are basic for the ordinary working of the body and its wellbeing, as they discharge indispensable hormones, including adrenaline and hydrocortisone, in the circulatory system. Additionally, the back rub of the Zu San Li point will likewise give valuable impacts in numerous different cases, for example, blockage, gastritis, urinary incontinence, barrenness, hiccups.

Aside from that, this point can be extremely helpful in taking out uneasiness, stretch, strain, it will keep up an inward adjust and will support your certainty. The San Li point has a fortifying impact too.

This useful back rub likewise advances weight reduction. However, take note of that you ought to do it at night for this situation, yet be extremely cautious. You can utilize ½ kg in seven days.

The general back rub of this exceptional Zu San Li point Hs the accompanying impacts too:

Controls and lifts the insusceptible framework;

Counteracts irritation;

Glucose and insulin direction;

Supports absorption;

Treat gastrointestinal ailments;

Mitigates stroke reactions.

Back rub of the Zu San Li point-Instructions

Before you start to back rub this point, you have to set aside some opportunity to unwind. It is best to sit while rubbing. Breathe in profoundly and focus on your enthusiastic state. This will stamp the begin of a wonderful mending and otherworldly system, which will reestablish the concordance of your body and brain.

You ought to rub the point with roundabout developments clockwise for 9 times on every leg. It is prescribed that you do this back rub in the morning, before having your lunch, as though done before sleep time, it can prompt a sleeping disorder. The entire methodology of kneading the Zu San Li point ought to keep going for 10 minutes.

The back rub ought to be done either with your fingers, or you can utilize grain oats like: buckwheat, oats, rice, and so forth, or garlic cloves.

Sliced the garlic clove down the middle and apply it on this wonderful point, and abandon it to represent 2 hours, or until you see that the skin has turned into somewhat red.

The incitement of this astonishing point all through the entire day can offer various beneficial outcomes. For example, on the off chance that you knead the Zu San Li point clockwise in the morning, 8 days before the New Moon, you will empower the insusceptible framework, upgrade the capacity of the body organs and restore the body.

In addition, on the off chance that you rub this point just before lunch, you will support your memory, and enhance the general tone, and the soundness of your cardiovascular and stomach related framework.

Knead the Zu San Li point after the lunch keeping in mind the end goal to calm cerebral pains, wipe out resting issues, and to unwind, dispose of the nervousness, stress and pressure.

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