Facial hair is each lady’s bad dream and we’re continually vigilant for some lasting arrangement which will put a conclusion to our inconveniences. Most ladies depend on a wide range of medicines for their evacuation like waxing or shaving however specialists say that these techniques are totally wrong, since they can have the inverse outcome.

They truly do wipe out the hair for a brief timeframe, yet on the long run the hair can become thicker and speedier than some time recently. Alternate alternatives like laser medicines and electrolysis are truly viable, however can cost you a fortune, so what would you be able to do? You without a doubt can’t stroll around resembling a werewolf right?

Fortunately for you we have the ideal answer for all your “furry” issues and you simply require some flour (gran or chickpea flour is ideal yet standard white flour will be OK) to adequately evacuate all the undesirable facial hair. We’ve arranged 3 similarly successful techniques for hair expulsion, you can attempt each and see which one suits your requirements best.

Strategy #1

Blend some flour (chickpea flour woks best however you can utilize plain flour in the event that you don’t have) a large portion of a teaspoon of curcumin and a couple drops of drain.

Apply the blend all over, on the hairs you need to evacuate toward hair development and let it get dry. Once the blend is dry utilize a wet towel and begin evacuating the blend the other way of hair development. Evacuate any deposit with warm water. At last apply some lotion. Your skin may feel marginally disturbed however the inclination keeps going only for some time.

This strategy for hair expulsion makes your skin smoother and lighter also. In the event that you rehearse it frequently you will see noteworthy diminishment in facial hair.

Strategy #2

You can likewise utilize new lemon juice and some chickpea flour to evacuate the undesirable facial hairs. Blend 10gr of lemon juice, some water and 30gr of flour. Blend until you get a homogenous glue and apply it all over. Abandon it to get dry for around 15 minutes and after that you can expel it. Evacuate the blend with a towel, squeezing solidly toward hair development.


You can likewise set up a more grounded blend and utilize it to expel hair from other body parts too. You’ll require an egg white, corn flour and sugar. Blend one egg white with a tablespoon of sugar and include a large portion of a tablespoon of corn flour. Blend completely until you get a thick glue. Apply the blend on dry skin, toward hair development and abandon it to get dry. Peel the blend off the other way of hair development and that is it.

Here’s a short video regarding the matter with some extremely helpful advices and one of the previously mentioned hair evacuation techniques:

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