She’s 50-years-old, But Looks Much Younger! When She Reveals What She Does Every Night Before Going To Sleep… (I’m Trying This Tonight!)

The name of this mind boggling looking lady is Candy Lo and trust it or not she’s 50-years of age. We know, at first look it is difficult to accept, as her skin is perfect, sans wrinkle and her body is super-trim.

This Chinese model has been exhibiting her age-resisting figure and magnificence for the dispatch of her new photograph book – “Immortal”. She presently lives in Hong Kong and is a mother of three youngsters.

Obviously, what boggles us the most is her energetic look. It is not Botox, and she surely isn’t a model that does Photoshop and abstains from going under-the-cut. Her mystery is an unfathomable old formula for setting up a facial cover formula which she utilizes on consistent schedule in the morning.

Fixings you will require:

1 tbsp. of low fat cream

5 tbsp. crisp carrot juice

1 tbsp. cornstarch

100 ml. water

Planning technique:

Begin off by including the cornstarch in the 100 ml of water and blend well. Put the blend in an expansive bowl and warmth it up. Blend it well until you wind up with a thick blend, then expel it from warmth and when the blend chills off a bit, include the carrot squeeze and low fat cream and blend again well.


Before applying the veil, clean your face well and apply the cover. Apply it and let it sit for 30 minutes, and once done, flush your face with tepid water.

Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the best outcomes, utilize this cover 3-5 times each week for a more extended timeframe.

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