The Most Powerful Natural Sleeping Aid. Never Lose Sleep Again!

We’ve all had those eager evenings of hurling and turning, gazing at the roof, not able to get more than several hours of shuteye. The more you stress over not dozing, the more your mind races, and before you know it, the sun is looking through the window.

This formula is superior to anything any resting pill you will and for its planning, you will just need two fixings.

Banana Cinnamon Tea Recipe For Deep Sleep (Works Better Than Sleeping Pills!)

The superfood banana is a rich wellspring of potassium and magnesium. The blend of magnesium and potassium unwinds the muscles while magnesium forestalls unsettling influences amid rest. It is the best mineral for unwinding. The formula requires 100% natural bananas. Ensure that the bananas are not stacked with destructive pesticides and ought to be without substance.

What You Will Need:

Natural banana 1.

Water 2 container.

Cinnamon-a squeeze.


1. Take 1 natural banana and remove its both finishes.

2. Add some water to the banana with peel and bubble it no low fire.

3. Permit it to bubble for 10 minutes and utilizing colander get the water into a mug.

4. Sprinkle a squeeze of cinnamon to improve the essence of tea.

5. Drink the banana tea 1 hour before the sleep time each night.

Just to say that you can likewise eat the bubbled banana as it tastes truly yummy with a squeeze of cinnamon on it!

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